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Caching Drawing Code

Updates: On March 31st this post was updated based on feedback on twitter about using NSCache instead of static.

I’ve been doing more and more drawing in code in my Cocoa projects recently and I’d like to share some tips, specifically how to cache drawing code into images for faster redraw. I’ve created a simple project for this post, the source of which can be found on GitHub.


I got my nest today! I was on the waiting list and a week ago I got an email letting me know that I could order a nest so I jumped at the chance to have this beautiful and smart device on my wall, it’s like a piece of art :)

My Photoshop Setup

I am a minimalist, it helps me stay focused free of clutter and distraction. There is a lot of clutter in Photoshop that I try to trim down as much as possible. I’ve also picked up a lot of plugins and best practices over the years that I’d like to share to help improve your Photoshop workflow for interface design.

My Git Workflow

I love git and Github, I originally started out with svn then moved to mercurial and even contributed and was an admin on a mercurial app called Murky. But then it became clear that git, with the help of Github, had won. It was added to Xcode 4 and even before that most iOS and web projects were hosted on Github. So I made the switch and never looked back!

Octopress Blog

Trying my hand at blogging again. I’ve been meaning to try out Jekyll and Octopress for some time now and finally got it setup :)